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Aknanda Qigong Nosara Costa Rica

Teacher Training

We invite all those who wish to learn, deepen and walk the path of this wonderful art destined to health, to regulate emotions, to condition the physical and to sow a contemplative, flexible and determined mind.

3 Taichi Course in Nosara Costa Rica

This training is aimed at people with and without previous experience in Qigong or Internals Arts and / or end arts, athletes, yogis, martial artists, meditators, dancers, health professionals, psychologists, businessman, etc.

Modality and organization for groups

200 hrs Teacher Training Course Certification in Nosara, Costa Rica.

First Stage – Online Training (3 months)
  • Welcome Online Live introductory session with Q/A.
  • Special Videos material with Fundamental content and qualities:
    Exercises and lectures. You will receive one video per week to practice and internalize.
  • 3 (three) Online Live sessions with Q/A.
Second Stage – Direct Training (3 weeks intensive / 21 days)
  • 21 days of training in a peaceful place in Blue Zone Nosara, Costa Rica.
  • Schedule: Mon – Fri Morning and Afternoon Training, Saturdays Morning Training Afternoon free/rest Sundays all free/rest.
  • Practice and theory.

Modality for private

200 hrs Teacher Training Course Certification.

Ideal for the people who wants to study and become a Certificate Qigong Instructor considerating an exclusive schedule that suits your life scheme.

  • Online / Face to Face Training alternatives

If you think that this opportunity and modality is a good option for you, contact us .

For more information send an e-mail or contact me by WhatsApps.

Benefits and objetives

Health Benefits

  • Refinement and cultivation of Qi (Energy life force).
  • Improves the respiratory and digestion system.
  • More elastic and strong physical body.
  • Healthy bones, muscles, tendons and tissues (Fascia)
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • High Body awareness coordination.
  • Cognitive development.
  • Reduces level of stress and anxiety
  • Fast recovery and better sleep
  • Emotional intelligence regulation.
  • Zen attitude.

Life Benefits

  • Self dicipline.

  • Self-knowledge.

  • A method to be equable.

  • Better connection with the flow of nature/life.

  • Wellness Lifestyle tools.

  • Help people sharing the Qigong practice.

  • A new job opportunity.

  • A consciousness path.

Aknanda Qigong Method

Teacher training approach

Aknanda’s methodology integrates these 3 forms of practice,
traveling and learning the benefits of each one of them.

Standing Qigong

Standing Qigong in Nosara Costa Rica

Dynamic Qigong

Tai He Quan Qigong course in Nosara Costa Rica

Sitting Qigong

Sitting Qigong in Nosara Costa Rica

3 Fundamental Axes


Body Regulations – Transformation

  • Fundamental postures, stances and alignments.
  • Body internal stretching’s and meridian openers.
  • Located and building the Dan Tian.
  • Connecting hands.
  • Relaxation and sinking process.
  • Body mind awareness.
  • Abdominal breathing.


Breath Regulation

  • Internal mechanics and coordination.
  • Movement and breath.
  • Awareness in 4 gates Qi flow.
  • Internal and external observation.
  • Mobilizing and sinking Qi.


Mind regulation

  • Intention inside the practice.
  • Sinking the mind.

  • Correct Yi (intention) building.
  • Recognizing the nature of the mind.
  • 3 regulations become one unity.
  • Zen cultivation.

Theory Axes

  • Qigong Theory and function.
  • Nei Gong concept and principles.
  • Aknanda Qigong Method Pillars.
  • Taoist healing perspective and Alchemy.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine background.
  • Taoist & Buddhist Methods and philosophy.
  • Qigong and modern science.


Aknanda Healing Arts integrates a way of teaching enriched by the oriental tradition, where the practitioner travels and discovers for himself, validating his own progress and inner wisdom; combined with western pedagogy establishing a solid balance.


The main scope of the Teacher Training course is to acquire the necessary knowledge to know oneself and enjoy the tools to find one’s own genuine “dynamic balance”.

The second step is the opportunity to share it with others, being able to transmit the art of Qi Gong. All those who meet the practical and theoretical conditions will be able to access the certification awarded by Aknanda Healing Arts Academy.

3 Taichi Course in Nosara Costa Rica