Aknanda Healing Arts is an international academy that helps maximizing human potential by exploring new skills and competencies.

Aknanda: Indivisible space/integrated/unbreakable

Aknanda fosters life in present time. It aims to connect body, mind and breathing to make the most of our potential, living life in harmony as well as more naturally and efficiently.

Healing Arts:
Qi Gong + Meditation + Breathing

QI GONG leads you to physical, energetic and spiritual equilibrium as the training basis are transformation, wellbeing and self-knowledge.

HOLISTIC approach

We believe future comes with a holistic approach.

To understand the law of nature means to accept that everything is interdependent and constantly changing.

As Yin and Yang are two separate forces that need each other and are in constant movement, same happens with our mind and body.

We offer the opportunity to feel and discover how the law of nature works inside of us.



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